Party Ideas, Games and Theme Suggestions For Teenagers and Pre-Teens on the Gold Coast.

While princess party ideas and construction themes might work for young children, Teenagers have bigger and more expensive expectations.  Every teen parent knows just how hard it is to please teenagers and their friends. Planning a teens birthday party can be a challenge.

Avoid planning surprises your teenager is not already in on.

If you’re planning on hiring Gold Coast party entertainers to do a performance, then consider that teens usually have their own ideas of how they want their party to unfold, and what adults consider fun may not be all that exciting to them. It’s better to ask your teen what they want.

Set up the party areas.

Allocated areas are usually a great idea. Consider a dancing area, a drink and food area (tables), and activity areas ( ping-pong table, darts, and a Karaoke area). If you have a large outdoor area and the means for a fire or brazier, this is a great area for them as well. Add a few bean bags or large cushions to set a more relaxed mood. You could even consider hiring some hay bales for the night. A personalised birthday banner will capture their attention and becomes a focal point. The party guests will certainly enjoy writing and then reading the Birthday wishes everyone else has written on the banner.Gold Coast Party Ideas Birthday Banner

Set up a music player or sound system.

All you’ll really need for this are decent speakers that have Bluetooth capabilities. Every teen there will have thousands of songs on their phones and will be willing to hook theirs up.  Don’t try to hire a DJ for the party unless it is someone that your child has recommended. For different party themes consider hiring a smoke machine or bubble machine.

Keeping the party under control

Social media plays such a big part in our teenagers lives. Your party could go from a small number of invitees to hundreds in no time. Don’t allow posting about the party on Facebook or other social media sites until AFTER the party. Ask your child and their friends to respect this request. Make it clear from the beginning. If you are at all concerned, hiring a Gold Coast event security guard is a great investment and offers peace of mind.

Rubbish bins and recycling bins placed around the areas helps with the party mess. If they see the bins they are more likely to use them.

Have an end time and stick to it. On the invitations include a Party End time. When the time gets close, turn the lights on and the music off. They will be sure to leave once their is no ambiance.

Final words of advice

Keep your teen involved in every step. He/she knows best what all their friends are into and will enjoy.




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