Party Themes & Games

Find the best party themes & games on the Gold Coast

If you’re looking for party ideas with a difference, how about considering some of these party themes & games? We also have great party ideas, recipes and creative decorating hints and tips.

Need party theme ideas?

You’re in the right place. Most adults enjoy a party as much as children so why not make your next party a themed party.  Host a party unlike anything your guests have been to before. Here are some of our unique party themes & games ideas.

A Scrabble themed party

How about a game of Human Scrabble at your next party? One of the easiest and most inexpensive party themes we have come across. Everyone dresses up in a T-shirt with a single letter drawn on the front. If you have fewer guests, draw a different letter on the back as well. Everyone then spends the night trying to make different words. For more fun have a bowl filled with words that everyone can pick from. You could even use Scrabble tiles on Scrabble tile holders to spell out your guest’s names for a sit-down function.

An international themed party

  • Aussie
  • Mexican
  • German ‘Oktoberfest’ style
  • Greek night

No matter what you like, we have party themes & games to suit you and your budget!

Looking For Party Games?

We have a list of party games suggestions that almost everyone can play. All our games have detailed instructions of how to play and what you need to play them. Everyone’s going to want to play. So much fun and lots of fun to watch too. Your guests will laugh the night away and the cameras will be clicking. Our games adapt easily to large or small groups. They don’t come with big price tags and you play most of them with things you already have at home.

You an also find great ideas, games & themes for kids parties


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