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Your Gold Coast party questions answered

If you’re organising a party or event it’s highly likely that you’ll have party questions that need answering. We compiled some of the most sought after party planning questions and most importantly answered them! Everything from how long a helium balloon remains afloat to how many glasses of beer are in a keg.

Our top party questions


How many glasses of beer are there in a keg?

A standard size keg holds 49.5 litres.

That’s equivalent to:

  • 6 cartons (1 carton = 24 x 345 ml)
  • 45 x 1145 ml jugs
  • 120 schooners (1 schooner = 425 ml)
  • 145 stubbies (1 stubby = 345 ml


How long do helium balloons last?

Ever wondered if you could inflate your helium balloons the night before your party and save time the next day? Here’s your answer. Temperature affects how helium balloons stays inflated but it also depends on the quality and material of the balloon.

Latex Balloons What to expect from a latex balloon:

Balloons made from latex are typically less expensive than Mylar balloons and are available in numerous colours. Latex balloons can be filled with Helium or water. However, they are slightly porous so they do tend to leak and last less time than Mylar balloons. Be aware … Latex balloons break into small pieces when popped and may be a choking hazard to small children.

Here’s a rough guide to how long you can expect your helium filled balloon to last.

30cm balloon – 12-18 hours from time of inflation
40cm balloon – 15–30 hours from time of inflation
90cm balloon – 30-48 hours from time of inflation

There is a product called Hi-Float which can help your balloons last much longer.

30cm balloon – 4–7 days with hi-float
40cm balloon – 7-14 days with hi-float
90cm balloon – 7-14 days with hi-float

Mylar balloons are non-porous, self-sealing and typically last longer than Latex balloons. They are available in many different shapes, themes, sizes, and colours too.

You can expect Mylar balloons to last:

Small size – 3-4 days then begin to deflate still lasting an additional 3-4 days or longer
Larger size – 3-4 days then begin to deflate lasting an additional 1-2 weeks or longer

Check with the party hire or balloon supplier for tips on how to transport your balloons, handle them properly and also how to get the most out of them.


Where should I seat my guests?

Seating is an important part of any party. If possible it’s best to seat guests together based on common interests. Are they related?  Do they have common sporting or social interests? Do they have common professions and same marital/single status?
To keep the peace, it is best to avoiding seating people together who have animosity towards one another. Just makes the party better for everyone.


How do I set a Formal dinner table ?

For a formal setting, add more pieces by bringing additional plates, silverware, glasses and other serving pieces to the table.

The simple rule is: Cutlery is placed in the order of use; that is, from the outside to inside. Forks go to the left of the plate knives and spoons go to the right hand side. And finally, only set the dinner table with cutlery you will use. No soup; no soup spoon, or No Salad; no salad fork.

If soup will be served, set the bowl on the plate and a soup spoon to the right of the beverage spoon. Salad or bread and butter plates go to the left of the forks.

how to set a formal table


 5 Things To Keep I Mind When Setting A Buffet Table

1. Make it easy to use 
Leave a little space so that your guests can set down their plate or their glass if necessary. This will allow them to use or spread condiments.

2. Practicality

Do not place your condiments all over the table.  Put them near the dish they’re most likely to be used with.  Do not place cutlery at the beginning of the table as your guests don’t need to struggle holding these items while gathering food.  Put cutlery at the end of the buffet table so that it is the last thing they grab with their napkins on their way to their seats.  Every dish must have its own serving utensil.  Place beverages and desserts on their own table or tables if space allows.


3. Traffic Flow
Have a beginning and an end to the serving line. Place the plates at the beginning of the buffet. This will make it obvious that this is where your guests begin to serve themselves.

4. Presentation –

Use multiple heights. Higher placed stands and platters at the back and shorter dishes at the front. Continuously search the buffet for rubbish and empty glasses and remove.

5. Hospitality –

Pre cut cakes and slices. No guest wants to have to cut into a cake or slice. Remove all food from plastic containers and display on plates. If you are using paper plates and plastic cutlery make it obvious where guest can place these once they have finished eating. Have everything easy to find as you don’t want your guests going up and down the buffet line looking for condiments or salt and pepper.

With these 5 tips and a little common sense planning, even the simplest buffets and casual of get-togethers can make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.


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