Bucks party games & themes  that will impress the heck out of the boys.

Not all guys find it easy to plan a party, especially one involving bucks party games & themes, that is not just centered around the TV and drinking or hanging out in a Gold Coast bar.

We have made it easier for your to plan a WAY better GUYS party. Whether your groom-to-be is into fishing, cards or something a bit more “left of centre” you can find help here.

A party boat theme makes for a great day out on the water. All guys are competitive, especially with their mates, so challenge them all to a fishing competition. Whoever catches the smallest fish buys the next round!!

Casino nights with cards, as well as drinks and girls, are always a very popular option. Have a game of Texas Hold’em or poker. Challenge each other to make the best cocktail of the night.


Picking the perfect Bucks Party theme

Deciding on the Bucks Party theme early makes it easier to plan activities & games.

Compile your guest list and plan the theme and event to suit your guests. If your guests are party animals and like to hang out at Gold Coast bars or go clubbing then a game of Mini Golf or a day out on the water deep sea fishing might not be the best thought you ever had. So plan the event accordingly.

Planning the Bucks party day/ night

Plan the overall Bucks party day/night. You don’t want the party guests or groom getting bored and leaving early, nor do you want them rushed off their feet. Plan activities and games with “mate catch up time” in between. After all everyone like to catch up over a beer or two.

Booking Venues and Activities

If  you are planning on having the Bucks Party at a Gold Coast venue, charter boat or club, then you will most likely need to book a venue well ahead of time to avoid disappointment. If you are wanting all the guests to chip in and help pay for the groom then it is a good idea at this time to collect everyone’s money.

Check out some of our party games & themes and get your party started!


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