Horse Racing Party Game

Giddy Up!


Not Heading to Flemington for Melbourne Cup?

Bring all the colour and fun of Cup day to your back yard with this interactive horse racing party game.


You’ll Need

These amounts are for 4 players a race/game ( the more players the more rope and pool noodles will be needed.)

5 x 4metre lengths of rope

8 x 2 metre lengths of rope ( these will make a grid of 28 squares)

4 x pool noodles

several cable ties or string

Gift wrap ribbon or streamers ( makes horses mane)

Marker pen & scissors

Cardboard / thick paper (to make the ears ) approx. A4 size

Cardboard / thick paper (to make the racing numbers) approx. A4 size


2 Dice


How to make your horses

Take 1 pool noodle and bend it over to rest on to itself ( bend less the ¼ of the way down) tie together with the cable ties or string. This makes head and body. On the head part draw eyes and cut small ears out of card and glue onto head. Make your horse’s mane by tying several lengths of ribbon together around the horses head.


Cut your second piece of card into 4. Write the numbers from a number on each card from 1 to 4 and stick to the cable ties or string.

horse race party game


How to assemble the Horse Track (rope grid – 16 squares)


Take the 5 x 4m lengths of rope and lay them out vertically in your back yard and lay the other 8 x 2m over the top horizontally of the other 5 therefore making a grid of even squares.


horse race party game

How To Play


Write the names of your guests on to pieces of paper and place in a hat. Draw out 4 names, these will be the first lot of jockeys / players

Each player takes a horse and his/her position at the beginning of the grid.


Select a non racing guest to roll the dice. One di is for the horse number and the 2nd is for the amount of steps ( grid squares they can move) . The idea is to get up and back to the beginning of the grid before the other players.


Have heats the winner of each moves into the next round.


You may or may not like to take side bets!


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