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Party & event catering for any sized group of people can seem like a daunting task. You must decide on the menu, prepare the food and make sure the food stays hot/cold. You can’t forget to consider any special dietary needs your guests may have. This means you might have to cook an extra dish or two. After all that, someone still has to serve the meals and drinks and then clean up afterwards. We help you find some of the best Gold Coast catering companies.

There are so many types of Gold Coast catering options to fill your party needs

Catering companies can cater for you in your own home or at a venue of your choice. Caterers can help you plan your perfect menu. They help you decide how much food you need and what kind to serve. Nibble platters, finger food, buffet style or sit down? Leave your party & event catering to the experts!

Some companies specialise in large quantity food preparation and service in order to caterer for corporate functions or events.

Is your venue a boat? If so, then a boat catering company might be the perfect option for you. Holding a party or event in your own home means you have options such as having a mobile food truck come right to your door. What a treat for your child’s birthday to see the ice cream man pull up outside the house and stay instead of driving off right away! Looking for someone to set up a lolly buffet or host a high tea for that special friend’s birthday party?

Gold Coast weather is perfect for spit roast & wood-fired pizza outdoor parties. Hiring one of these specialised catering companies lets you to host a fun, casual night at home but you don’t have to do all the work. Everyone loves a BBQ party especially when someone else is cooking.

An intimate cocktail party or 50th anniversary celebration can be made even better with a private chef, bartender & wait staff. Treat yourself and your guests to an extra special evening.

High teas are becoming very popular but it is sometimes difficult to get seating for a large group of people. Have the high tea professionals come to you and enjoy a morning or afternoon of delicious bite-sized treats.

Lolly buffets, grazing table, mains & desserts…….. the options at endless.

There at specialised catering companies to help with any dietary needs

Vegan, vegetarian, kosher & paleo diets are becoming more and more popular. Every host wants all their guest to enjoy the food at their party, function or event. The above food experts can help you with any specialised dietary necessities you may have.

If you would rather do catering the easy way, just call one of our Gold Coast catering companies to help.


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